At Service Now Auto Repair, we can complete any car project you have. We can do almost anything, even if it is just replacing a tail light or doing a complete engine overhaul. Our prices are the best in Vancouver and we’re always willing to give advice and offer a solution to any automotive problem. Below are just some of the issues that we’re able to diagnose and fix. If you don’t see your issue below, still give us a call and we can probably fix it for you.


  • Sticking EGR valve (this causes rough idling and a rich mixture on some engines)

  • An engine misfire caused by bad spark plug, ignition wire, coil, dist. cap or rotor

  • Defective oxygen sensor or coolant temp. sensor (causes rich mixture)

  • Worn or squeaky timing belt


  • Bad or dying car battery

  • Interior lights, Headlights, tail lights or blinkers not working

  • Stereo that refuses to work

  • Power windows that don’t go up or down any longer

  • Bad or underpowered alternator 


  • Starter motor failure (causes the car to not start up & no clicking is heard when attempting to start car)

  • Misfiring or bad spark plugs

  • Coolant mixing with oil (caused by bad engine gaskets)

  • Head gasket repairs

  • Complete engine overhaul

  • High or fast idle speed

  • O2 Sensor (causes bad gas mileage)


  • Slipping clutch

  • Chirping, grumbling or squealing when pressing clutch pedal

  • Clutch that grabs, or sticks when pedal is pushed


  • Loud squealing when pressing on the brakes

  • Brake pulsation

  • Excessive brake dust on wheels

  • Brake pedal that goes to the floor but doesn’t engage brakes